What Are the Different Types of Rolling Paper?

When you want the best smoking experience for your customers (or yourself), you have some options. 

While some people opt for glass bowls, cartridges, or water pipes, many people want to stick with something classic: rolling papers for a simple joint. A good rolling paper that suits your specific preferences can improve your overall experience.

There are different kinds of rolling papers and they have different qualities. Depending on what you or your customers are looking for, you might prefer one type of rolling paper over another. 

If you’re unsure about the different types of joint rolling papers that you can stock in your head shop or dispensary or if you’re just looking for a new and improved smoking experience for yourself, we’re going to help you out. 

Keep reading to learn more.

Wood Pulp (The Original)

Wood pulp papers are the old standard. They’re the original, and as many people have the motto of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” they remain popular today. These papers are easier to roll because of their thickness and texture. They’re slightly more sturdy than other more modern types of rolling paper, making them great for novices. 

They have a rougher texture than other papers, even if it’s only by a margin. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s up to the preference of the smoker. 

These burn at a moderate pace making them good to pass around or good for the individual smoker just relaxing at home. 

In other words, wood pulp marijuana rolling papers are a standard because they’re reliable and easy to use. 

You can get these in white or brown. White rolling papers are whitened with chemicals. These chemicals can help to control the burn rate, keeping it slow and even. 

Brown rolling papers are unbleached. They’re just wood pulp made into paper (like paper bags). Some people prefer this style because they don’t want to consume those chemicals, and they’d rather have a more classic and organic experience. 

Different consumers are going to have different preferences. More health-conscious smokers may prefer unbleached papers, but both are valid choices. 

Hemp Papers

Hemp rolling papers are a popular choice that’s newer to the game than the wood pulp variety. They’re another option for those who aren’t adept at rolling yet. They’re often thinner than the wood pulp rolling papers, but they have a soft and sturdy texture that makes them easier for shakey or inexperienced fingers than the rice rolling paper. 

Hemp is growing in popularity for manufacturing all kinds of products, and for good reason. It’s easy to grow and it helps preserve valuable trees. With the green movement in full swing, this is appealing to many eco-conscious smokers as well. 

Hemp papers are unbleached and free of external chemicals. They don’t contain the hemp derivative CBD (which is popular amongst smokers), but they have a pleasant taste and they’re great for both experienced and inexperienced rollers. They burn at a slow to medium rate and are unlikely to go out during the experience. 

Rice Papers

Rice rolling paper is another popular option, though it’s very different from the other two prementioned types of rolling papers. 

Rice paper is made from pressed rice. It’s thin enough to be translucent. This makes it an unobtrusive paper that’s popular for pre-rolls. It’s easier on the lungs and your customers can see what’s inside. 

The paper has almost zero taste, and it’s not going to negatively impact the smoking experience. That said, due to how thin it is, it can be frustrating under certain conditions. Any humidity or dampness in the air makes the paper harder to use. 

It’s smooth and soft, but breakable and easy to ruin for the inexperienced roller. Inexperienced fingers will have a harder time getting a grip on it. It doesn’t stand up well to moisture so you have to get it right the first time or grab a new paper. 

Rice joint rolling papers have a slower burn despite their thin and brittle texture. These are good for people who are passing the joints around or having a slow and relaxed experience. 

In short, these papers have a lot of good qualities that are going to be best used by people with experience. 

Colored or Designed Papers

Some people like the idea of adding colors or designs to their rolling papers if they’re going to be having a group experience like a party. Others just like the novelty of having something different. 

Pink rolling papers, for example, are a great option for pre-rolls. They’re sure to be noticed by younger female shoppers who like having something a bit “different” for themselves or their friends. 

Colored rolling papers are flashier than the standard brown or white ones stand out in a shop display. They can be priced higher for the novelty while giving the same experience.

While the majority of your sales are going to be with your more “normal” papers in white or brown, having the colored papers or pre-rolls as an option in the shop is a good idea for an extra option that other shops won’t have.

You can also have custom rolling papers that are just for you and your shop that can act as both a great smoking device and a good promotional item that will drive sales. 

Which Rolling Paper Is Right for Your Shop? 

A well-stocked shop keeps every variety of rolling papers for its customers. That said, if you have a personal preference that you want to be a part of your “brand”, picking the rolling paper that best suits your customer base can also be a valid choice. 

If you’re interested in getting custom rolling papers, cones, or accessories for your shop, we can help. Visit our shop to see what we have to offer.