An Overview of the Different Types of Custom Printed Rolling Papers

Are you trying to decide which rolling papers your business should carry? Read our guide on the different types of custom printed rolling papers for more info.

So, your state has finally legalized marijuana and you’re looking to dabble in the dispensary business. Or maybe you’re a smoke shop owner looking to carry more products for your weed-smoking customers. Customized rolling papers are a great seller and promotional tool. 

If you usually smoke through glass pieces, you may not know what to look for when purchasing rolling papers. But you know that smokers are picky, and you want to appeal to as many spliff smokers as possible. 

Should you buy organic? What’s a king size slim? Do people really want flavored papers? Should you just buy pre-rolled cones? 

Here’s a guide to all your options when shopping for custom printed rolling papers

Why You Should Buy Custom Printed Rolling Papers

Almost every cannabis user keeps rolling papers on hand. They’re an inexpensive purchase that you can keep up at the counter to encourage impulse buys. They also bring repeat customers. 

If you’re known to carry a wide variety of creative rolling papers, word will travel fast among stoner clientele. You can get your name and logo visible in multiple smoke sessions. Carrying a variety of sizes and materials will expand your customer base as well.

Cannabis use is a social activity, after all. Imagine every smoker in a college dorm seeing your shop name and logo on their joints. It’s an instant endorsement!

Size Does Matter 

Make sure to carry a variety of sizes in order to meet your clientele’s needs. This will also allow you to get creative with customization and offer multiple designs.

Rolling papers come in five main sizes. From smallest to largest, they are:

  • Single (70mm x 36mm)
  • 1 1/4″ (78mm x 48mm)
  • 1 1/2″ (78mm x 62mm)
  • Double (78mm x 88mm)
  • King (110mm x 60cm)
  • King Slim (110mm x 46mm)

The most popular of these sizes are 1 1/4″ and King/King Slims. The former is great for individual smoke sessions and the latter is great for a party or shared joint. 

Singles can be a little tricky to get the hang of but are staples for experienced joint-rollers. Doubles are great for practicing but hold too much weed for a single smoker, yet not enough for a large group. 

Consider the size you want to sell when choosing a design – make sure your custom print won’t be obscured once the joint is rolled. 

Any size of rolling paper can also be made ultra-thin. Ultra-thin papers sell well as stoners want to smoke as little paper as possible. 

Filter Or No Filter?

Some people like to roll their own filters. It takes a bit of origami, but is very doable. However, many others like to buy the filters pre-made. 

When purchasing your customized papers, buying ones with filters is a wise choice. After all, they provide more space for customization and advertising. Papers with attached filters are a good companion to solo rolling papers. 

Since tips and filters ultimately come down to personal preference, carrying both will help you reach a wider customer base. 

The Material 

This is where rolling paper intended for marijuana and paper intended for tobacco use differ the most. There are many more options for rolling paper material. Hemp, rice, and unbleached brown paper are the most popular options. 

Cannabis smokers are more aware of their intake than tobacco smokers. Therefore, they tend to care more about buying unbleached or organic papers. They’re more concerned about whether or not their papers were sourced sustainably. 

Offer a multitude of materials for your customers to choose from. Appeal to their health and environmental concerns, assuring them they can smoke ethically. 

Hemp Rolling Paper

Hemp papers are very popular due to their low environmental impact. They’re also not as fragile as rice paper, making them great for beginners. Essentially encasing your marijuana with more marijuana, hemp adds a depth of flavor to the joint. 

Hemp is easy to grow and improves the soil it grows in, soothing the consciences of your heavy-smoking customers. It also takes ink well without needing to be bleached, making it a great choice for bold designs. 

Rice Rolling Paper

Rice papers burn more slowly than hemp and wood pulp. They’re thinner and a better choice for experienced joint-rollers. Rice paper adds virtually no flavor to the joint and lets your chosen strain stand out. 

Rice paper is nearly transparent, and naturally whitish. If you’ve got a colorful design you want to sell, choose rice paper to make sure it pops. 

Wood Pulp Paper

Wood pulp paper is the classic rolling paper and the easiest to find. This can be bleached or unbleached and can be flavored. 

Wood pulp rolling papers are declining in popularity as smokers 

You can easily rice, hemp, and unbleached rolling papers through our site. We print your designs in 100% soy ink, with no crazy chemicals or additives. Our papers offer you and your customers a smoke session they’ll feel good about. 

In addition, we offer colored rolling papers for novelty joints. These would be perfect for promotions and holidays – sell green papers with your logo on them for St. Patrick’s Day! 

What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

Like whether to roll or buy a filter, flavored rolling papers are a matter of preference. However, whether flavored papers are worth it is a heated debate among smokers. 

Some decry flavored papers as saccharine and made for teenagers. Others insist they add to the overall smoking experience and enhance the cannabis. At the end of the day, you may as well carry flavored papers for the novelty alone. 

Flavored rolling papers do burn faster due to the added chemicals. For some that is a worthy compromise for being able to smoke a joint that tastes like mango (or mint, or lemon, or raspberry cheesecake).

If you want to carry a flavored cannabis product but don’t want to get rolling papers, check out these customized pre-filled flavored cones wholesale. 

You’re On A Roll(ing Paper)

Now that you know the basics of what to look for when purchasing custom printed rolling papers, draw up the designs you want printed. You can use art, logos, or plain text to distinguish yourself from other dispensaries and smoke shops. Your custom rolling papers will help you to establish a loyal and vocal customer base.

Go forth and smoke!