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We have the largest selection of booklet designs, custom pre-rolled cones, and paper selection in the industry. Visit our shop or contact us by giving us a call or filling out our contact form..

    View our 2018 price list with a variety of different rolling paper and pre-rolled cone options available in .PDF
Use them for marketing, branding, awareness, or pure creativity

Branded Rolling Papers... The Modern Day Business Card

We specialize in Cannabis Businesses, Marijuana Dispensaries, Growers, Smoke shops & Head shops, Musicians, Artist, Brands, Awareness Campaigns, Music Festivals, Conferences and more...


Promote Your Business

Custom rolling papers are the new business cards of the marijuana industry. Call us to speak more about how we can help you promote your cannabis business by using custom rolling papers. It’s a great way to reach other customers that are in your target audience.


Create Your Own Brand

Want to start your own line of custom rolling papers? Nobody understand your cannabis business branding needs better than us. We’ve designed some of the top brands in the marijuana industry launch their own custom rolling papers and pre-rolled cone products.


Target Your Audience

Using custom rolling papers and pre-rolled cones for promotions is a great way to reach your target audience and get infront of your buyers. Rolling papers get passed around and shared with friends which make them a perfect way to help spread the word with others.


Our Catalog

Available in .PDF

We invite you to check out the catalog for current pricing on available products you can order. The catalog also contains information about how you can leverage marketing angles with custom rolling papers.

Crushing Tray Maxi Pack.

Crushing Tray Maxi Pack.

Starting at $.70 a booklet.

It’s important to understand the differences between the paper materials you select for your custom designed rolling papers. The paper type is directly connected to the personality of the paper and how it feels, smokes, and rolls. The paper selection also has an impact on the overall cost of your custom papers. We’ve broken down the differences between the different paper selections and their best use application (personal and company branding vs awareness/festivals/events).



Variety of colored rolling paper.

Colored filter tips and printed filter tips available.

Stand out from the crowd with some style! We’re now offering pink and blue rolling papers in all sizes for custom order booklets.


Any style and design of pre-rolled cones.

Why use someone else's brand when you can have your own?

Available Standard Sizes: 56mm, 70mm, 78mm, 100mm, 109mm, 158mm, 180mm, or 280mm.
Available Paper Types: 100% Hemp, Rice, Unbleached Brown (Wood Pulp), or Bleached White (Wood Pulp).

Additional Options Available. Please Inquire for Pricing.
Raw style packaging 72 3 packs
10 packs fully packaged with design
Other Sizes Available
FAT Cones – Length-101mm, Tip-38mm, Dia top 16mm & Dia bottom 8mm
Long Cones – Length-180mm, Tip-58mm
Long Cones Length-140mm, Tip 42mm
Extra Long Cones- Length-280mm, Tip-88mm
Call in for additional pricing on colored and printed cones


Customize your papers

Low minimum

We offer custom watermarked papers with any of our paper types with a low minimum order quantity of 50,000 booklets! Our watermarked drums product a clear, detailed watermark using a premium drum that remains on file so you can keep having them printed over and over again while remaining consistent every time.

Serving American Businesses

Why Great American Rolling Paper Company?


American Customer Service

We’re an American Company providing American Customer Service. We’re available via phone 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm EST.


Free Domestic Shipping

We offer free domestic shipping via FedEx for US orders. Get the orders you need on time, everytime. Track your package from placement to delivery. Customer service is available Monday – Friday for any shipping questions.


American Designers

Our team at Great American Rolling Papers is comprised of local talent right here in States. We offer full branding design services for custom rolling papers with some of the top illustrators to date. We’ve designed artwork to some of the top artist and culture movement figures in the industry.


Stay up to date in the latest news of custom rolling papers. From design inspiration to the newest booklet trends, we keep you current in the industry.
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