Rolling Trays Explained: Which Is the Best Tray for You

If you’re a dispensary owner and ready to upgrade your roster of products, it may be time to consider offering customers a rolling tray. 

Not only can rolling trays look great in homes as a decorative item, but they also serve an important practical purpose when it comes to enjoying weed comfortably. Custom rolling trays can even feature your brand’s unique designs and colors. 

Read on to learn all about rolling trays and how to decide which ones to offer your customers! 

What is a Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays are designed to keep all of your smoking accessories and weed in one place. If you’ve almost dropped your accessories while relocating them around the house, spilled weed on your carpet, or misplaced some of your items, then you know how important it is to keep everything together.

Many rolling trays will come with raised edges to make it even easier to keep your accessories and weed gathered together. This also makes it easier to pour your weed onto the tray without worrying about spilling or wasting.

These are all features that you can highlight to customers while they’re exploring your website or dispensary. Consider displaying rolling trays adjacent to or below herb grinders so that customers will consider them as a complete set. 

What is a Rolling Tray Set? 

Rolling tray sets can be a great investment for customers who are new to smoking and want an easy way to purchase all of their accessories. Sets can be a convenient upsell in the checkout area when a customer is about to purchase one or two accessories.

They can also be featured as convenient gifts for friends. Consider bundling your set with: 

  • Herb grinders
  • Doob tubes
  • Travel cases
  • Lighters
  • And more

Remember that all of the items in the kit can be customized with your business’s branding as well. If you’re just getting your dispensary off the ground, rolling tray sets are a great contest item to generate interest and traffic to your website and physical location. 

Rolling Tray Materials

Rolling trays come in a variety of materials. You can choose one based on your own aesthetic, while some are easier to clean than others. Here are a few of the most common materials and some of their benefits:  

Custom Rolling Trays

These rolling trays are the best bang for your buck when it comes to advertising your business as well as providing customers with a high-quality smoking product.

Beyond your brand design, you can also have an artist design your own unique rolling trays that customers aren’t able to purchase anywhere else. 

Keep your target audience in mind and consider designs that would appeal to them. You can also use the same design in a variety of colors for easy production and more options. 


Metal rolling trays are durable and also affordable, giving customers a great buying experience. Although they’re often less elaborate than other materials and are often a flat piece of metal with raised ridges, this makes it easy for customers to collect.


Wooden rolling trays are a more premium option. They’re often larger than other trays and also contain elaborate details that make the smoking experience easier. However, this makes them harder to travel with and store. Customers will also be paying a premium for these trays because of the increased cost on your end.


While plastic trays aren’t nearly as durable as wooden or metal trays, they’re also the most affordable. They’re also lightweight, easy to travel with, and can also come with more details to make the smoking experience easier and more enjoyable. 

Since they’re so affordable, customers are more likely to purchase multiple to change out designs whenever they feel like it. 


Glass is far less practical than any of the options above because they often don’t come with raised sides. They’re extremely difficult to travel with and are also more prone to breakage if they’re dropped. However, glass is a premium option that can look luxurious and expensive.

Heavy glass can also withstand the test of time if they’re taken care of properly. They’re also easy to keep clean. When the glass isn’t being used for smoking, it can be used as an attractive decor piece without needing to store away. 

Marketing Rolling Trays

If you’re just beginning to sell rolling trays in your dispensary, we recommend fostering excitement by emailing current clients about the new offering. Take attractive photos of your new products and feature them on your website.

As the trays are being shipped, allow customers to sign up for a waitlist. If you’re having trouble coming up with designs besides your business’s branding, poll your customers!

Create mockups or hire a designer to create thumbnails for you. Then, send your mailing list the designs and have them choose which ones they want to see offered in your shop.  

Improving Your Customers’ Smoking Experience 

We hope that reading through this guide has given you some rolling tray ideas. A simple rolling tray can suit a variety of budgets. You can also upsell rolling tray kits for customers with higher budgets who are newer to smoking. 

The best part is that they come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit any kind of aesthetic and need. Custom rolling trays can feature your brand design–consider using them in giveaways and contests to create excitement! 

Ready to invest in a new product line that your customers will be happy to purchase? Order online with us today!