Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Options: From Glass Tubes to Compostable Pop-Tops, Matching Your Branding and Sustainability Goals

Cannabis packaging comes in many different forms, from Tin, Paper, Glass, Plastic, and Compostable options. Choosing the right packaging material and style is important as it is a direct reflection of your brand and products. For example, if you are making a high-end infused pre-roll, blunt, or cannacigar product, you may want to package it in a glass tube to convey a sense of luxury to both budtenders and consumers. However, plastic pop-tops are also a great option for more affordable lines.

We offer a variety of glass pre-roll tubes in different sizes and styles, including the standard width tube for one pre-roll and the wide tube for up to two pre-rolls or a fatter premium pre-rolled product. Additionally, we offer a range of cap styles, including certified child-resistant options such as our push and turn CR caps, and non-CR versions like our champagne style cap, cork caps, or the simple aluminum screw cap.

If sustainability is a big part of your branding, it’s best to avoid plastic packaging and instead use materials that are more recyclable and eco-friendly like paper, glass, or tin. We even offer fully compostable and biodegradable options like our first-of-its-kind home compostable pop-top tube.

Pop-top tubes are made of polypropylene plastic and while technically recyclable in most locales, they can be difficult to recycle properly. Depending on the compliance standards in your state, or on the eco-consciousness of your target demographic, you may want to consider the sustainability of your product packaging. However, it can also be a consideration for the better of our planet, and that might just be the best message to pair with your product depending on the brand image you are trying to project.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for consumers, who are looking for environmentally friendly options in their purchases and daily life. According to the 2022 State of Sustainability in America, 20th Annual Consumer Insights & Trends Report, there is evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic has ignited a stronger conviction towards environmental protection and sustainable behaviors as the fragility and interconnectedness of the human and planetary condition has been made more apparent than ever.

Our most popular packaging option is our child-resistant Push Pack, which is made from paper and a silicon button tab, which can be upgraded to a paper-based tab as well. If child-resistance is not a concern in your state, this option is available in the Pull Pack form, which is easy to open with a satin ribbon pull.

When it comes to labeling, it’s important to consider the environment as well. Not all labels are created equal, and almost all labels have a plastic coating on the surface to lock in colors and give your label a glossy shine. If you want a truly environmentally-friendly label, you will need to make sure you order a paper-based label with no plastic coatings. Our team of Pre-Roll Experts can walk you through the entire process and help you find the perfect packaging and labeling options for your brand.