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Make Your Rolling Paper Burn Slowly

Paper rolling is considered an excellent art among many smokers. This is because there is something special about smoking something perfectly rolled, and that evenly burns, lasting as long as you want it to. However, not all smokers have the magic touch because rolling paper can be challenging to master.

With that said, there is one task that has troubles smokers all around, which is being able to make your rolling papers burn as slow as possible. Learning the methods to make your paper burn slowly as you can help you get most out of the experience. Therefore, to achieve a more extended smoking session, here are a few ways to help make your leisure time last longer.

Use Quality Material The quality of the burning material will affect the burn rate, so buying source quality material is going to ensure you much longer lasting experience. This is because the high quality burning material that has been appropriately taken care of will burn very slowly, as opposed to low-quality burning material that will burn out quickly. So, it’s essential to find your materials from trustworthy establishments in the first place.

Choose Quality Paper Choosing the right rolling paper is another way to burn as slow as possible. Understanding that rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes, even made from different fibers will help slower the burn too. The best rolling papers to choose from are made from hemp, flax, and rice straw. However, many say that corn husk rolling papers will burn as slow as possible. Asking reputable establishments the difference is also an excellent way to ensure the best smoking experience.

Use More Than One Sheet
Also, when using a rolling paper, consider using multiple sheets of paper for extra security and hold. This will prevent burn runs from burning more on one side than the other, leaving you with an uneven burn. Therefore, a second sheet will help contain airflow, moving it through a tighter space. This will also prevent accelerated burning.
Roll Tight Lastly, the best way to ensure a slow burn is to control airflow. The best way to manage airflow is by rolling your paper as tight as possible. There are many ways to achieve a tight roll; there are even machines made for this specific purpose. One method that works well is the Canoe method. It’s an easy method to perform for all rolling papers, too. By using these tips, you can help extend your rolling paper and even smoking experience. Just remember, it’s important to find a balance between products, high-quality rolling papers, and someone who knows what they are doing. While that may seem overwhelming, all of the points mentioned above are worth taking into consideration. The Great American Rolling Paper Company offers premier marketing solutions in the form of top-tier, quality, customized rolling papers to provide the best marketing money can buy. To learn more, visit