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How Does the Size of the Paper Affect Smoking?

Size is one of the main factors that affect the user’s smoking experience. Small papers burn differently than large ones, but there is a size of paper appropriate for every smoker and every occasion.

Some of the most common sizes of rolling papers include: single wide rolling papers, one and a quarter rolling papers, one and a half rolling papers, and king size rolling papers.

Single Wide
These are the most commonly found and easily accessible rolling papers. Many seasoned smokers however do not prefer to use single wide rolling papers for their smoke sessions. Single wide rolling papers tend to differ slightly in size from one brand to the next, but industry standard typically falls somewhere between 68 and 70 millimeters in length and 34 and 36 millimeters in height, equivalent to a paper that measures about 2.75 inches by 1.4 inches.

One and a Quarter
These papers are the next step up from single wides, measuring slightly longer and slightly wider than their more common counterparts. At a length of 76 to 78 millimeters and a height of 45 to 48 millimeters, these papers are preferred by smokers who like to fill their papers more than a single wide paper can accommodate.

As with single wide rolling papers, one and a quarter papers may differ in size slightly from one brand to the next, but tend to be more uniform than single wide papers across all brands.

One and a Half
Larger still than the one and a quarter papers are one and a half rolling papers. Because of their large size, these papers aren’t very common but are generally used by experienced smokers and skilled rollers. These papers are generally the same length as one and a quarter papers, but they are much taller at a height between 60 and 62 millimeters.

King Size
King size rolling papers live up to their name, ranging in length from 100 to 105 millimeters and in height from 55 to 60 millimeters. As the largest papers available on the market, king size rolling papers are popular with serious smokers who want a packed cigarette with maximum burn potential.

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