The History of Custom Rolling Papers

Thinking of selling custom rolling papers in your smoke shop? Learn a little bit more about the interesting history behind rolling papers first.

Branding your custom rolling papers may be a relatively new concept, but rolling papers themselves have been around for over 500 years. Over the centuries their purpose has always remained the same, but the simple rolling paper has come to be an art of varying tastes. Roll one, light it, and take a trip with us as we explore the history of rolling papers.

The First Rolling Papers

This first company to manufacture rolling papers was the Spanish company PAY-PAY. Founded in 1703 the company is still producing rolling papers today and can be found in almost every smoke shop.

Being the first company to recognize the importance of a good rolling paper it is amazing how much the got right more than 300 years ago.

Any history of rolling papers would have to include the French company RizLa+. Legend has it that the rolling paper empire RizLa+ began with an old fashion barter. In 1532 Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix (Let us hope he went by Alex) traded a bottle of Champagne for some rolling papers. 

Alex found his great fortune with French soldiers returning from war with Spain. The soldiers had come accustomed to using the rolling papers common in Spain at the time.

The Lacroix family would go on to found the Lacroix rolling papers company in 1736. The company famously supplied Napoleon’s army with rolling papers. They began using rice in their papers in 1865 and changed the brand name to RizLa+ which means “rice cross.”

In 1883 personal cigarette rolling machines were introduced by RizLa+ and the Lacroix family. The invention made rolling papers even more popular with the promise of simple to make perfectly rolled cigarettes every time.

Paper Fibers

The majority of rolling papers have been made from the same core stock for hundreds of years. The raw materials most used in the manufacturing of rolling papers are pulp, hemp, rice, and flax.

Some brands use a blend of fibers to get the desired rolling and burning effect they are looking for. Each type of paper comes with its own distinct smoking experience.

Wood Pulp

The best selling papers are made from wood pulp. They have a strong texture and medium burn making them both easy to roll and good for burning both tobacco and cannabis products.

Papers made from wood pulp are thicker than papers made from some other fibers. Because of this, some smokers say they are a bit rough to smoke.

Rice Paper

The use of rice in rolling papers dates back to at least 1865. Rice papers are thin, lightweight, and burn slow making them a popular choice for cannabis smoking. The light paper doesn’t distract as much from the taste of marijuana products when smoked.

The paper is very smooth and can be difficult to roll with for beginners. Rice papers are fragile and any amount of moisture will destroy them.


Hemp has been used to make high-quality paper for centries. Hemp rolling papers have recently made a jump in popularity. They burn slow like rice papers but don’t go out as quickly.


Flax is another popular type of rolling paper. Much like rice papers, flax is a thin smooth paper with a slow burn. Some say flax is easier to roll than rice papers. Flax has a mild flavor that serves to preserve the taste of cannabis smoke.

These being the basic fibers used to manufacture rolling papers there is a handful of more exotic ingredients used in some rolling papers. From corn, wheat, cellulose, and even gold flakes, trying out all your options could take years.

Weights and Sizes

Rolling can be considered both an art and a science. Rolling papers are designed to target a variety of smoking preferences. The weight, size, and shape of the cigarette or joint rolled will directly impact the smoking experience.

Thinner papers are favored for those looking to keep their smoke as pure as possible. The thinnest papers weigh around 10g/m² and are so thin and light they are mostly transparent. There is all varieties of thickness, length, and width of papers available from almost every major manufacturer.

Rolling Paper Innovations

The recent change in cultural acceptance and movement towards decriminalization and legalization of cannabis has sparked a fury of innovations to meet the demands of the growing market.

Wired Papers

In 1975 Randy’s rolling papers began manufacturing rolling papers with a thin steel wire integrated into the rolling paper. Pure genius in its function the wire gives the joint rigid strength when rolling and storing the joint as well as provides a convenient handle for holding, smoking, and passing the joint around.

Flavored Papers

The first flavored papers were introduced to smokers in 1906 by RizLa+. The popular brand of the time offered their rolling papers in menthol and strawberry flavors.

Somewhat of a novelty at the time, flavored papers didn’t gain popularity until recently with cannabis smokers. From chocolate to corn flavors there are now a wide variety of flavored rolling papers to choose from.


Pre-rolled cones are another recent innovation making their mark. Cones are preformed to the ideal shape for smoking. A simple straw is used to fill and pack the cone with cannabis and a tip is already in place to make smoking smoother and easier. We offer high-quality wholesale pre-rolled cones that can be customized to your brand.

Custom Rolling Papers

Business cards are kept in the wallet but rolling papers are always where the action is. Putting your cannabis business on packs of rolling papers is the ultimate promotion of word of mouth advertising.

Imagine this scenario. You have a loyal customer, lets call him Bob. Bob comes in every week like clockwork to buy his smoke and rolling papers. This week you have a surprise for him. On top of his usual order, you give Bob a pack of your shop’s own custom rolling papers.

A couple of hours later Bob is sitting around the kitchen table with his friends rolling up a joint. Someone notices his unique pack of rolling papers. I think you see where this conversation is going. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Order a $25 sample pack and try the papers for yourself. We know once you imagine your brand on these high-quality paper packs and cones you will be back for more.

Roll It Up

Rolling papers are a mark of individual taste in sophisticated smoking culture. Custom rolling papers promote a spirit of self-expression at the same time being a great way to market your cannabis dispensary or headshop. Own the whole smoking experience with pride by ordering your brand of custom rolling papers and displays today.