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The Great American Rolling Paper Company offers worldwide delivery for your convience. We take orders from all over the world and work deligently to meet your custom branding needs. 

Custom Rolling Paper Booklets

Booklet Types

Choose from a selection of different custom rolling paper booklet types ranging from King size slim, to magnetic maxi packs and more. We offer a full line of detailed custom rolling paper customization to fully deliver your ideal product and be proud of the product you represent.

Custom Sizes

Rolling Paper Sizes

We have every rolling paper booklet type and paper size you could possibly need. Some of the most common booklet styles are:
1 1/4
1 1/4 with filter tips (crutches)
1 1/4 Maxi Pack (Magnetic enclosure)
King Size Slim
King Size Slim with filter tips
King Size Slim Maxi-Pack (magnetic enclosure)
King Size Wide
King Size Wide with filter tips
Double Window Rolling Paper Booklets

These are just the basics, if you have anything specific you need, contact us today to learn more about our custom options.

Variety of paper types for rolling papers

Premium Paper Types

We offer various industry standard paper for our custom rolling papers. Types which include 100% Organic Hemp Paper, Ultra-Fine French, Unrefined Brown (Like RAW) and White Rice (Like elements). All of our rolling paper is sourced from the finest paper mills around the world.

Colored and printed paper types

Printed Paper types

If you’re looking to have your brand stand out and you want a unique look to your rolling papers. We now offer 100% organic soy ink in pink rolling paper, blue rolling paper, black rolling paper, yellow rolling paper, and green rolling paper. All made from the finest mills in France. We also offer printed rolling papers you can have your own design and logo printed right on the paper itself made with the finest 100% organic soy ink.

Variety of customizable filter tips

Colored Filter Tips

 With our finest French rolling papers under European premium, you can now add many different filter tip options such as unrefined brown filter tips, blue filter tips, pink filter tips, white filter tips, yellow, green and black.

Variety of customizable filter tips

Printed Filter Tips

We offer the highest quality printed filter tip options to add to your booklets. Show your brands personality and showcase your branded tips to connect with your customers lifestyle.

Booklet printing options

embossed and foiled booklet options

We offer the highest quality printed booklet options with embossing and foiled branding options when ordering your custom rolling paper booklets. Show your brands personality and showcase your branded tips to connect with your customers lifestyle.

Watermark your brand

Watermarked Paper

We offer a full line of cone customization to fully deliver your ideal product. Showcase your display box with fully printed artwork to show off your designs and promote your products with style.

King Size Bobbin Roll. 

Rolling Paper Rolls

We offer a full line of classic rolling paper rolls also known as bobbin rolls. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 36mm, 44mm, and 54mm. Our packaging includes 24 booklets per custom display box for the bobbin rolls. Special printing options are included with the order just contact us to learn more.

Request A SAMPLE Kit


Curious to see the level of quality you can expect when ordering with Great American Rolling Paper Company? Our custom rolling paper sample pack will include everything to give you the ability to feel and test the product before you invest into your rolling paper product.

We have a sample kit that showcases our:
– 100% organic hemp rolling paper
– unrefined brown raw rolling paper
– beautiful white rice rolling paper,
– 100% all natural soy ink printed rolling papers
– all organic natural food dye flavored cones.

Regardless if you’re a smoke shop, farmer, dispensary, wholesaler, festival vendor or simply want to start a new brand, The Great American Rolling Paper Company has been providing it’s customers worldwide with high quality custom rolling papers and booklets while operating out of our home base in Tampa, Florida

The Modern Day Business Card…

We specialize in Cannabis Businesses, Marijuana Dispensaries, Growers, Smoke shops & Head shops, Musicians, Artist, Brands, Awareness Campaigns, Music Festivals, Conferences and more…

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The Great American Rolling Paper Company (GARP Co.) designs and prints custom rolling papers for large events, celebrities, smoke shops, and more anywhere in the world. GARP Co. also produces high-end natural branded rolling papers, free of damaging chemicals, and is 100% organic.

The company is located in Ybor City of Tampa, FL — in the heart of what was the Cigar Capital of the World in the 1930s. The GARP Co. rolling papers are perfect for customers ranging from celebrities, dispensaries, the restaurant and bar industry, high profile events and celebrations, to the cannabis industry, and more that wish to take their brand from concept to design with custom rolling papers made from 100% pure hemp paper, and organic soy ink.

Promote Business

Custom rolling papers are the new business cards of the marijuana industry. Call us to speak more about how we can help you promote your cannabis business by using custom rolling papers. It’s a great way to reach other customers that are in your target audience.

Create own Brand

Want to start your own line of custom rolling papers? Nobody understand your cannabis business branding needs better than us. We’ve designed some of the top brands in the marijuana industry launch their own custom rolling papers and pre-rolled cone products.

Target Audience

Using custom rolling papers and pre-rolled cones for promotions is a great way to reach your target audience and get infront of your buyers. Rolling papers get passed around and shared with friends which make them a perfect way to help spread the word with others.

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