A Guide to Buying Pre Rolled Cones Wholesale

A Guide to Buying Pre Rolled Cones Wholesale

Looking for a place to buy pre rolled cones wholesale for your smoke shop? Read through this guide to learn what to consider before you buy.

So you’ve finally gotten your dispensary off the ground, and you’re looking to carry more papers and cones. Or maybe you’re a smoke shop owner looking to carry more products for your weed-smoking customers. Pre-rolled cones are a great seller and promotional tool. 

If you usually smoke through glass, you may not know what to look for when purchasing pre-rolled cones wholesale. But you know that cannabis smokers are picky, and you want to appeal to as many of them as possible. 

Do people really buy pre-rolled cones? How should you design one? Should you shell out for “novelty” cones, like flavored ones? 

Here’s a guide to all your options when shopping for custom pre-rolled cones. 

Why You Should Buy Pre-Rolled Cones Wholesale

Pre-rolled cones are immensely popular among stoners who don’t feel confident rolling their own joints. They’re also great for people with shaky hands or mobility problems who still want to puff away. 

If you’re known to carry a wide variety of creative rolled cones, word will travel fast among stoner clientele. You can get your name and logo visible in multiple households and hotboxes. Pre-rolled cones allow you to customize the tips and filters, ensuring that your design survives the smoke session. 

Cannabis use is a social activity, after all. Imagine every employee of a restaurant seeing your name and logo on their after-shift joint. It’s an instant endorsement!

If You Carry Rolling Papers, Do You Really Need Cones?

Say you’ve already got a wide array of customized rolling papers at your shop. Now you’re debating whether to shell out for cones too, or if they would be too redundant. 

There are a few benefits to pre-rolled cone that rolling papers can’t match. As I mentioned above, they’re great for people with unsteady hands. Beginner cannabis users buy more pre-rolled cones as well to avoid the frustration of learning to roll.

Pre-rolled cones also offer a different smoking experience than rolling papers due to their shape. Joints made from cones hit hard then mellow out as you go, keeping you from greening out too hard (if smoking alone).

If you sell your cones in glass or plastic tubes, that’s a great marketing opportunity as well. Cone and joint holders will be used continuously and shared among your customers. 

Don’t Forget The Tip

One of the best advantages of carrying pre-rolled cones is the ability to design the filter and paper together. Since the filter is already attached, you can add cohesive or contrasting patterns. 

The filter is where you can have some fun, too. You can choose foiled or patterned tips. A distinct-looking joint will help you stand out from other shops

Since rolling a filter also requires a bit of origami when using rolling papers, customers will appreciate the ease of a pre-rolled cone. 

The Material World

Cannabis smokers are more aware of their intake than many tobacco smokers. Therefore, the paper of their pre-rolled cone matters. Though pre-rolled cones resemble cigarettes in many ways, they differ most in their material. 

Hemp, rice, and wood pulp paper are the most popular options for cones. Paper is available both bleached and unbleached. If you want vibrant colors on your cone, go for bleached paper or rice paper.

Consider your branding when choosing a material as well. If you’re going for a natural, earthy vibe, choose a material that matches that. If you want to be fun and unpredictable, choose a material that will best support your design.

Hemp Paper Cones

Hemp paper is very popular due to its low environmental impact. Essentially encasing your marijuana with more marijuana, hemp adds a depth of flavor to the joint. It also makes for a sturdier cone that is less likely to fold or break in their pocket.

Hemp is easy to grow and improves the soil it grows in, soothing the consciences of your heavy-smoking customers. It also takes ink well without needing to be bleached, making it a great choice for bold designs. 

Rice Paper Cones

Rice paper burns more slowly than hemp and wood pulp. It’s thinner and sustainably cultivated. Rice paper adds virtually no flavor to the joint and lets your chosen strain stand out. 

Rice paper is nearly transparent, and naturally whitish. If you’ve got a colorful design you want to sell, choose rice paper to make sure it pops.

Wood Pulp Paper Cones

Wood pulp paper is the classic paper and the easiest to find. This can be bleached or unbleached and can be flavored. 

Wood pulp rolling papers are declining in popularity as smokers become more concerned with deforestation and their environmental impact.

You can easily buy rice, hemp, and colored custom pre-rolled cones through our site. We print your designs in 100% soy ink, with no crazy chemicals or additives. Our papers offer you and your customers a smoke session they’ll feel good about. 

Size Still Matters

Just like when buying custom rolling papers, consider the size of your pre-rolled cones. Customers may laugh at the foot-long cone you offer but never buy it. 

Cones generally come in the same sizes as rolling papers, from smallest to largest:

  • Single (70mm x 36mm)
  • 1 1/4″ (78mm x 48mm)
  • 1 1/2″ (78mm x 62mm)
  • Double (78mm x 88mm)
  • King (110mm x 60cm)
  • King Slim (110mm x 46mm)

With the exception of novelty-size cones. 

Offer pre-rolled cones appropriate for both solo and group smoke sessions. Also keep the size in mind when designing your patterns, as much of it will be obscured by the roll. A small pattern or line of text may work best for your custom cones. 

The Packaging

One major downside to pre-rolled cones is that they are more fragile than rolling papers. They require a tube or box to protect them from getting squished. 

However, this is a great design and marketing opportunity. Don’t overlook the potential in decorating the tube with your branding. After all, the cone will be smoked, but they’ll still have the packaging. 

So Cone And Get It!

Buying pre-rolled cones wholesale ensures that you can provide variety to your customers. You’re also looking out for those who may not have the confidence or range of motion to roll a traditional joint. Draw up some designs for cones and filters, and build a loyal customer base. 

Go forth and smoke!