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Why Roll Your Own?

Since pre-made cigarettes are so widely advertised to the public, not a lot of people know about rolling your own (RYO) cigarettes or that it’s out there. But it’s a hidden gem among the smoking community and one with many benefits too. There are many plus sides to rolling your own in the first place, for instance, it can help you smoke less.

With that said, here are some reasons on why you should begin to roll your own cigarettes from now on.

It Helps You Smoke Less
One of the reasons why you should roll your own cigarette is because it can help you smoke less. Interestingly enough, rolling your own can help lessen the addiction of smoking. Now, of course, this is not going to convince everyone, but if you are someone who is planning on taking a break, it’s worth trying.

Another way it can help you smoke less is through portion control. This is because the user can control how much goes inside of the rolling paper. And because smoking a hand-rolled cigarette is controlled, smokers tend to burn up less often than with traditional cigarettes.

It Makes You Look Cool
Remember when you considered it cool if you smoked a pack, well those days are over. Now, although smoking is still a favored pastime among some people, it’s old and outdated. The new thing is if you roll your own. This is because there is this perception of being cool, edgy, and non-traditional. You can also be creative with rolling your own by using different types of rolling papers. It’s something very different, and better than buying it at the gas station.

It’s Cheaper
Moreover, you should roll your own because it can save you a lot of money. Everyone knows you don’t just buy one packet; you buy multiple a day. This can cost you a couple of hundred dollars a month. But by rolling your own, you can save money on products and transportation, like driving to the gas station.

Also, a packet of rolling paper and rolling tobacco is much cheaper than buying brand name cigarette packets at the gas station.

It Can Be Healthier
Lastly, the reason you should roll your own is that it can be healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. Studies have shown that handmade cigarettes have way fewer chemicals added to them than the leading brands. Also, research can prove to roll your own cigarettes is a low-risk factor for a smoker’s health.

Although rolling your own smokes aren’t widely popularized, it’s making a name for itself in the smoking community. With so many benefits to rolling your own cigarettes, the possibilities are endless.

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