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The History Of Rolling Papers

If you are a fan of the art of smoking or just an avid smoker, rolling papers are a crucial ingredient to the favored pastime, smoking. This is because you cannot smoke or do anything without it.

Everyone knows what rolling papers are, but not everyone knows where they come from. Surprisingly, rolling papers have an extensive history that is full of interesting facts. Here are some important highlights of the history of rolling papers.

The Founder
Everything has an inventor, and the founder of rolling papers said to begin with Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix. His name is a mouthful, but he’s the original inventor of some of the rolling papers that goes into your mouth, today.

The story goes, the Lacroix traded a bottle of champagne for rolling papers with French soldiers they were carrying back with them from Spain. Later, he then copied, and mass produced that paper. The Lacroix family was already widely known all throughout France, but it wasn’t until Alexandro, who created and mass produced the rolling paper we know today, created the largest rolling paper company in the world.

It’s Origins
Another quick fact about rolling papers is that they were invented in Spain. Despite popular belief that they originated from France, the fact is, the French didn’t trade tobacco or other burning materials with the new world until a hundred years after the Spanish already did.

Rolling Papers Then
Before, rolling papers were made of one material, paper. But as the Lacroix family gained success, they were able to buy, and mass produces other burning materials to add to the rolling paper recipe.

For instance, with the money they gained, they were able to successfully patent the method of applying gum to the edge of the rolling papers. This, in turn, made them the clear leaders of the rolling paper industry.

Rolling Papers Now
Of course, not much has changed in the production of rolling papers. The composition of the rolling paper is much the same throughout the years. However, one thing has changed with the rolling papers today, and that is the material of the papers.

Now, various companies have found out countless ways to make the smoking experience worthwhile, by using different combinations of pulp, hemp, rice, and flax. With these new ingredients, it’s going to enhance the rolling paper to its full potential.

Also, not only does adding new materials enhance the experience, but also the size and smell of the rolling paper enhance the smoker’s needs. Other big brand names rolling paper companies have introduced flavored papers, like menthol or even strawberry and have created small, medium, or large rolling papers. It’s different, but a lot of people like it. It’s all about personal taste.

With that said, there is a lot about the history of rolling papers that a lot of people and even smokers don’t know about. It’s like we said in the beginning, everyone knows about them, but no one knows where they came from.

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